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Some of the works from the exhibition:
Collaboration Art

"Collaboration" -- or joint production by two or more artists -- is a common style among musicians and performance artists. It has not been so popular, on the other hand, in the world of art, and especially in modern art. But the strong sense of individualism long possessed by artists of fine art began to wane around the 1960s, and some artists working in units have emerged and become widely known along with the development of new media based on the advances in information technology. They have changed the concept of art into something that can be engaged in by more than individual artists alone.

Among these pioneers are Gilbert & George, who are famous for their "living sculptures" and the Boyle Family, who travel all over the world copying the surface of the earth. In addition to introducing a new style of production through collaboration, they have presented a new relationship between art and society.

ARTISTS participating Today, collaboration art has been established as a style of art; It is not limited to the conventional art form but is attracting artists of various genres, who are actively producing works in various forms. Some artists let the viewers touch and play interactively with their works. Others use their bodies as a means of expression in the form of performance. Still others exhibit their works not in a museum but in a natural environment or on the street.

ARTISTS participating (Collaboration Artists in Japan) Collaboration performances How do these artists see today's art? What are they trying to make us see? This exhibition is intended to review the meaning of "joint production" through presentation of the works of today's artist units in the fields of both fine art and performing art and to try to look ahead to the future of modern art.

Collaboration Art - Possibilities of Joint Production
July 10 - August 22, 1999 9:30-17:00
(Closed on Monday and the next day of the national holliday. Open on national holidays)

Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art
1-Banchi, Aza Nishiyozan, Moriai, Fukushima-shi 960-8003, JAPAN
Curators: Tsuyoshi Mashiba / Hiroshi Miyatake Phone: +81-24-531-5511 FAX: +81-24-531-0447
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