Kaori YAMAMOTO 16 July - 27 August, 1999
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Artist Talk(in Japanese) 12 June, 4:00-6:00pm, Party 6:00-7:00pm

Kaori YAMAMOTO Kaori Yamamoto is creating a self portrait entitled 'Room of Love' based on the theme of love hotels.
Whilst love hotels are an undeniable aspect of our culture, they exist on the fringes of society and are seldom talked about as part of everyday life. However, their exterior and interior design is rich in a kitsch sense of style which is truly individual to Japanese culture.
Whilst this is a culturally interesting topic in itself, Yamamoto is not just aiming to catalogue love hotels. She dresses up in different guises, portraying women in different images, and takes photographs which tell the stories of 'love' which are played out between men and women in those rooms. She has not chosen modern love hotels, which are called 'Fashion Hotels', instead she has chosen images of seedy women, such as Office Workers who are having an affair, or high School girls engaged in prostitution, or prostitutes themselves who come to shabby, run-down hotels.
Toshihiro ASAI, curator, Art Tower Mito

Kaori Yamamoto
1975 Born in Hyogo.
1996 Graduated from the Photography Department, Visual Arts Academy.

Solo Exhibition
1998 "Room of Silence", Mole Gallery, Yotsuya

Group Exhibitions
1997 "Ningen no Machi (People's Town)," Guardian Garden, Ginza
"JPS 'Young Eye,'" Osaka
1997 The 11th "Dai Namba Festival 'Namba de Gakko Tengoku (School Heaven)," "Namba Nouveau---Women Photographers' Exhibition," Former Seika Elementary School, Osaka
Kobe Art Annual '97 "art port," Kobe Art Village Center
1998 Tokyo Photography Month '98 "Kaleidoscope---Women Photographers in the 1990s," Shinjuku Park Tower Atrium
"Le Panoptic" Exhibition, Kobe Fashion Museum
1999 Mito Annual '99 "PRIVATE ROOM U---Photographs by a New Generation of Women in Japan," Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki
1997 The 16th "New Cosmos of Photography," Excellent Work Award

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