UNFRAMING PROCESS 24 June - 5 August, 2000
Open: Mon.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun. and National Holliday)

Hana Sakuma
24 Jun - 8 Jul
Anthony Key
12 Jul - 22 Jul
Erika Tan
26 Jul - 5 Aug

UNFRAMING PROCESS presents a series of solo shows by three UK-based artists: Hana Sakuma, Anthony Key and Erika Tan. The exhibitions aim to explore facets of Britain's current multicultural society. Each artist has a different place of origin and cultural background, yet all live and work in Britain, within the context of contemporary British art and involved in British life on an every day basis: the artists inevitably engage with and respond to the continuous ebb and flow of British society. In the exhibition they show works which refer to experiences in everyday practice, interweaving this with their exploration of identity. Common ground within the works is the suggestion of a duality of existence: retaining traditions whilst simultaneously moving towards hybridity. Whilst remnants of sentimentality towards a Traditional Britain may till exist for some, contemporary Britain provides a far more complicated yet stimulating image of a society in flux. The series of works included in Unframing Process will strive to detect, uncover and respond to these on-going processes.

- Tomoko KUROIWA , Curator, UNFRAMING PROCESS Project

UNFRAMING PROCESS will welcome the audience to the series of the artist talks during each show. The dates will be announced later. For the further details, please contact Tomoko Kuroiwa at CAS.

Hana Sakuma: Born in Japan. Holds a MA at the Slade, London. She is currently a research fellow at the Chelsea School of Art and Design, Lodon. Exhibitions in various venues include the Norwich Gallery, Norwich: the Economist, London. Lives and works based in London.
Sakuma has been interesting in English words which notions are unfamiliar to her native tongue. In the exhibition, she challenges the notion of British 'landscape' to visualise under her interpretation. Using the slices of second-handed books as a raw material, her curiosity in the daily experience has transformed into delicate miniature sculptures.

Anthony Key: Born in South Africa. Holds a MA at Brighton University, UK. Key is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art in Hampshire. Exhibitions at various venues include Flowers East Gallery, London; Pitshanger Museum Gallery, Dealing, London. Lives and works in London. .
Of Chinese descent but raised in South Africa, Key has been engaged with the issue of identity and relationships between East and West for a long period of time. Exploring accessible areas in life style, such as of shopping, eating, interiors, Key's works evoke the tradition and progress of the UK life style to the viewers. In the exhibition, Key will install the work relate to Chinese Take-away, which has come to be a part of British diet.

Erika Tan: Born in Singapore of Singaporean and English parents. Read Social Anthropology and Archaeology at King's College, Cambridge. Studied Film at Beijing Film Academy China and holds a MA at Central Saint Martin's School of Art and Design. Participated in various shows, including Cities On the Move at the Haywire Gallery. She has also worked as an exhibition co-ordinator of Imainary at ICA, London; ICA in China, Shanghai & Beijing.
In Unframing Process, Tan will show work which revolves around the iconography of the grid as a structure for measurement and mapping. She takes the format of a game or puzzle to create works in which the audience is encouraged to participate. Referencing anthropological typologies and categorizations, her installations provoke awareness to issues of hybridity and the possibilities of the individual as an agent for change.

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